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Name Type Utility Realm Classes
Glacial Savage Axe Weapon Axe 131.33 Midgard Savage
Blighted Savage Heavy Axe Weapon Axe Two Handed 131.33 Midgard Savage
Glacial Savage Sword Weapon Sword 131.33 Midgard Savage
Glacial Savage Hammer Weapon Hammer 131.33 Midgard Savage
Frostshard Savage Thrashing Claw Weapon Hand to Hand Offhand 131.33 All Savage
Glacial Savage Slashing Glaive Weapon Hand to Hand 131.33 All Savage
Icecursed Shaman Hammer Weapon Hammer 160.67 Midgard Shaman
Blighted Shaman Heavy Hammer Weapon Hammer Two Handed 154 Midgard Shaman
Glacial Skald Sword Weapon Sword 164 Midgard Skald
Glacial Thane Axe Weapon Axe 164 Midgard Thane
Blighted Valkyrie Spear Weapon Spear Two Handed 138 Midgard Valkyrie
Glacial Warrior Axe Weapon Axe 131.33 Midgard Warrior
Miasmic Animist Staff Weapon Staff Two Handed 180 Hibernia Animist
Infectious Nightshade Blade Weapon Blades Offhand 140 Hibernia Nightshade
Infectious Ranger Blade Weapon Blades Offhand 131.33 Hibernia Ranger
Malignant Ranger Recurve Bow Weapon Recurve Bow Two Handed 176.67 Hibernia Ranger
Venomous Champion Steel Weapon Piercing 138 Hibernia Champion
Venomous Champion Blade Weapon Blades 138 Hibernia Champion
Venomous Hero Hammer Weapon Blunt 131.33 Hibernia Hero
Venomous Mauler Fist Wrap Weapon Fist Wraps 131.33 Hibernia Mauler (Hib)
Abyssal Heretic Barbed Chain Weapon Flexible 180.67 Albion Heretic
Darkflame Heretic Mace Weapon Crush 161.33 Albion Heretic
Glacial Healer Hammer Weapon Hammer 154 Midgard Healer
Icecursed Shaman Heavy Hammer Weapon Hammer Two Handed 160.67 Midgard Shaman
Miasmic Bard Blade Weapon Blades 160.67 Hibernia Bard
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