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Name Type Utility Realm Classes
Elder Staff of Icy Sundering Weapon Staff Two Handed 34.67 Midgard 4 Classes
Tomte Leather Gloves Armor Leather 9.33 Midgard All
Tomte Studded Boots Armor Studded 9.33 Midgard All
Tomte Chain Sleeves Armor Chain 9.33 Midgard All
Tomte Chain Gloves Armor Chain 9.33 Midgard All
Wolf-herding Trident Weapon Spear Two Handed 27.33 Midgard All
Malevolent Great Sword Weapon Sword Two Handed 27.33 Midgard All
Carved Hollow Bone Ring Jewelry 48 Midgard All
Mephitic Leather Leggings Armor Leather 20 Midgard All
Malefic Studded Jerkin Armor Studded 29 Midgard All
Miscreant's Hauberk Armor Chain 24 Midgard All
Boots of the Malignant Armor Cloth 20 Midgard All
Glowing Vial of Swamp Water Jewelry 14.67 Midgard All
Vial of Fetid Bog Water Jewelry 41.25 Midgard All
Runic Rigid Orm Spine Weapon Staff Two Handed 30 Midgard All
Giant's Black Sapphire Ring Jewelry 13.08 Midgard All
Glimmering Mantle Jewelry 6.67 Midgard Skald
Battlesingers Cloak Jewelry 7 Midgard Skald
Runed Mystical Vest Armor Cloth 33.67 Midgard Runemaster
Red Crystal Eye Jewelry 2 Midgard All
Necklace of Purification Jewelry 10 Midgard All
Bracer of the Lost Soul Jewelry 23 Midgard All
Pillager's Sleeves Armor Studded 21.33 Midgard All
Oiled Leather Leggings Armor Leather 16.33 Midgard All
Silverleaf Bow Weapon Composite Bow Two Handed 25 Midgard All
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