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Name Type Utility Realm Classes
Royal Arcane Mace Weapon Crush 50.67 Albion All
Captain's Cloak Jewelry 38.67 All All
Twilight Gauntlets Armor Chain 23.67 Albion All
Merchant's Frozen Cloak of the Past Jewelry 100 All All
Stately Arcane Spear Weapon Spear Two Handed 50.67 Midgard All
Stately Arcane Battle Hammer Weapon Hammer 50.67 Midgard All
Jaded Mage's Ring Jewelry 56 All All
Insidious Cord of Rejuvenation Jewelry 43.67 All All
Otherworldly Arcane Ring Jewelry 104.33 All All
Prismatic Mail Gloves Armor Chain 57 Albion All
Icebound Effluvium Staff of Dancing Bones Weapon Staff Two Handed 52 Midgard 4 Classes
Stately Arcane Greave Weapon Hand to Hand Offhand 50.67 All All
Earth Crafted Root Vest Armor Studded 36.17 Hibernia All
Director Botok's Heavy Whip Weapon Flexible 20.33 Albion All
Splintered Stone Sword Weapon Blades 15.67 Hibernia All
Song of the Vines Jewelry 42.67 Hibernia All
Dragonfly Tail necklace Jewelry 26 Albion All
Dragonfly Eye Jewelry 26 Albion All
Drakoran Guard bracer Jewelry 33 Albion All
Braincrusher Weapon Crush 25.67 Albion All
Gauntlets of the Otherworld Armor Studded 28 Albion All
Yorvan's Paw Jewelry 37 Albion All
Icy Glacier Skin Jewelry 56.67 Albion Cleric
Frosty Glacier Skin Jewelry 75 Hibernia Nightshade
Verdant Justice Weapon Two Handed Two Handed 45 Albion All
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