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Name Type Utility Realm Classes
Blazing Gauntlets Armor Chain 18 Midgard All
Bracer of Valor Jewelry 16.67 Midgard All
Necklace of Solid Darkness Jewelry 23 Midgard All
Blazing Boots Armor Chain 16.67 Midgard All
Gold Stitched Boots Armor Cloth 20.67 Midgard All
Pillager's Boots Armor Studded 26.67 Midgard All
Boar's Head Ring Jewelry 18.67 Midgard All
Blackened Leather Jerkin Armor Leather 18.67 Midgard All
Hammer of the Wildcrusher Weapon Hammer 20 Midgard All
Svart-alfar Battlebracer Jewelry 29 Midgard All
Boots of the Frenzied Bear Armor Studded 28 Midgard Berserker
Malefic Cloak Jewelry 30 Midgard All
Heart of the Determined Jewelry 4 Albion All
Cloak of Renitency Jewelry 34 Albion All
Cloak of the Vital Jewelry 21.50 Albion All
Serrated Lion Fang Weapon Slash Offhand 24.67 Albion All
Macabre Medallion Jewelry 21 All All
Angled Bone Bracer Jewelry 80 Albion All
Ire-wolf Hide Jerkin Armor Leather 13.25 Hibernia All
Wispy Shield Shield 24.50 Hibernia All
Blackthorn Ring Jewelry 26 Hibernia All
Little Star's Braided Mane Jewelry 25.33 Hibernia All
Crescent Reaver Weapon Blades Offhand 26.67 Hibernia All
Vaporous Cloak Jewelry 36.67 Hibernia All
Badger Fur Cloak Jewelry 16.08 Hibernia All
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